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Our Story



Malika was born into a big family in the small town of Avesnes-sur-Helpe in France near the Belgium border. Her love for entertaining family and friends is her passion.


As a French immigrant working in the restaurant and fashion industries in San Francisco, she met George in a fortune cookie like set of events. In all this time leading to Nevada City there was something Malika needed to do, and wasn’t sure what it was. This restaurant became the fusion of those desires. She truly wants to make the dining experience to be the joy of life for all who enter her restaurant. Please come in and say hello and enjoy the delight of food, drink, and happy times.



Born as the seventh child to a working class family of eight children. He always loved to cook, eat, and work. He was a firefighter. He was a fencer, a member of the 1988 US Olympic Team.

After a lifetime of adventures he and Mailka, who were part time residents in France, enjoyed the culinary experiences of French cooking. This was part of many years of experience in California cuisine. After a few years of retirement they decided to move to Nevada City in August of 2021.

As luck would have it, Ike’s owner’s were moving on and Malika was inspired to jump into opening her new restaurant - Lika’s. And George’s love for Malika was to make sure it would happen. So we invite you all to join us in this adventure. Bon Appetit.

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